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   “It felt wonderful and exciting… I’ve never felt anything so beautiful in my life— and then it was terrible, like I would die!”

  Thief of Life Novels 

The Chronicles of Daniela

Book One-WONDER  

Creatures stir among us, warm blooded, powerfully seductive, and capable of stealing the very essence of life with a single kiss. Daniela radiates energy they’ve never encountered: strong, powerful and highly prized by a Thief of Life. 
Once her unique energy comes to light, she’s pulled into an explosive fight for more than just her life. Two enemies feud for her heart, but must also work together to protect her against others of their kind or risk losing her forever. An emotional tale of wonder and jealousy, of yearning and the tearing of one's soul. In the end she could find the truest love or the ultimate betrayal.

Book Two-Jealousy
Haunted by terrifying visions of the cruel killer who nearly claimed her life, Daniela struggles to decipher reality from fiction. One man has pledged himself to her, but if he is not cautious it could prove fatal. He’s found a loophole for safety, but it proves very strenuous and can’t be relied on for long. Because of this, Daniela’s emotional state begins to change and she becomes determined to regain her independence. At the same time she is suddenly stricken with flashes of pain—Jealousy, but not her own. Daniela is willing to love, but can she choose between so many? One man’s inability to concede to Daniela along with her stubbornness to choose one love could be the undoing of them all. With danger and seduction lurking around every corner, can true love conquer all, or will it be swallowed up in JEALOUSY?

Book Three- Torn

Consumed by paranoia, Daniela struggles to put her life in order while establishing her independence. Though she is truly in love with one, there is another that is close on the heels of her heart, making her question her true feelings altogether. Just When Daniela doesn’t think she could be any more confused, her ex-boyfriend Ryan suddenly has a new girlfriend; Emily. Aside from her undeniable jealousy, Daniela is suspicious of this strange new female. Feelings that may or may not have just cause. Daniela is disbelieving of Emily and Ryan’s relationship, while at the same time is confronted with the truth of her own affairs. Then suddenly her world is turned upside down, sending her in a downward spiral of madness. And when mysterious secrets are revealed, Daniela must choose between what she wants, what she needs and what is best for all. Her decision is the toughest she’s ever had to confront and in the end it may leave everyone TORN.

Book Four-Yearning

Just when it seems things are looking up for Daniela Moretti, her life takes another unexpected turn. She is now royalty and possesses the ability to become an emovamp. Yet, for all her power, and for all her resources, that option has never been more out of reach. Daniela is restless, tired, while others are happier than ever, and all she can do is watch as they get everything she's ever wanted and more.

Driven to hasty decisions and desperate actions, Daniela makes a mess of things and soon seeks refuge in the arms of an old friend. But just as she is breathing a sigh of relief, she is informed of a new threat, one that is hunting her. And when a tempting offer is made, Daniela must consider it or face certain annihilation. Terrified and confused, she must make a decision that will forever alter her life and possibly the world. Will she choose a death sentence or continue Yearning for that which she covets most, knowing it is only a Deadly Desire? 

Book Five-Betrayal

Devastated and alone, Daniela's life has taken an unexpected turn. As two vicious captors haul her paralyzed body up treacherous mountain terrain, she closes her eyes and braces for the worst. Nearing the summit and coming closer to a distant castle, she is forced to reconcile herself to the harsh truth. There is no one left to save her, no one to love her. Her only hope now is that this "master" they speak of ends her life quickly. However, upon her arrival, she finds that death is in no hurry to take her and her dire circumstances are not what she'd hoped. She sought to die, but finds her thoughts consumed by another and her heart opened once more. And when the man in the gold and black mask reemerges in her dreams, she is helpless to resist his masquerade of seduction. Can she put behind her all that she has lost and start anew? Or will her love be devoured in a wicked game of Betrayal?